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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Red Sofa Story

I have a big red problem in the form of a sofa, and I love it....but it's on the verge of turning my living room into Graham Norton's interview studio.

My love of gold (growing up in Saudi Arabia has this effect on women) and my Philippe Starck gold gun lamp  are not doing anything to help the situation. 

 Therefore, in order to make the living room less Playboy Mansion and more Little House on the Prarie I've decided to add some classic touches.  Gold Antique Framed pictures of the beautiful Carmen Dell'orrefice will be added to inject some elegance.  

She will be framed by a handmade gold leaf vintage picture frame inspired by a DIY Gold Leaf Chalkboard I stumbled across on my pinterest travels.  I also found this House and Home DIY Gold Leafing Video which is useful.

While googling painted vintage furniture I discovered Painted Pretty Furniture Blog and paid a visit to my old faithful Shabby Chic.  Both of these websites are great for some home inspiration just don't forget to add a bit of an edge to your interior design and inject your own personality into it.  We all love Laura Ashley but there's enough time for that when we're 80 going around with purple rinses in our tightly permed hair!

I'm also going to look for some Vintage Chinese Trunks and distress them using this tutorial.

DIY is in my blood and my mum turns anything she touches into a work of art from quilts and candles to jewelry and teddy bears.  For my 10th Birthday she organized a brilliant party where my friends and I all made venetian masquerade ball masks.  So much fun!  

Will do some before and after pictures and post them up once everything is finished.


  1. I love DIY projects too :) Good luck with yours!


  2. I like the red sofa idea. Why not.