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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shoe Love = Shove


Shoe + Love = Shove

An intense bond and sense of attachment to your better half on either side. A devotion to the duo who keep you upright in the best of times and give the occasional little lift when necessary.

After the ongoing Isabel Marant platform sneaker debate I've bitten the bullet bought two pairs and have been staring at my feet ever since (serious health hazard in packed nightclubs).

I've also been singing Shoe Love to the tune of Guy Love from Scrubs constantly.

 I've hummed it, sang it (shockingly), danced to it and even tried doing Gangnam style to it and have come to realize that shoe love is kinda magic, deserves its own word and should be called shove from now on.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Havaiana Wanderlust

Working in publishing is fun, challenging and creative. It is probably one of the few professions where I can utilize my law degree (writing) finance masters (business meetings) and my inherited obsession with DIY crafts (comes in handy for the old studded collars now and again).

So when my editor-in-chief informed me that our next issue of one of our magazines was to feature a sculpture made out of Havaianas flip flops I didn't bat an eyelid...until she told me that I was going to make it. 

And when 12 kilos of flip flops arrived courtesy of Electric Sekki my first reaction was to call my mum, the woman is a craft master: teddy bears, quilts, hats, sculptures, stained glass windows, ceramics, pottery....the list goes on. You name it and she's done it. But somehow I didn't think flip flop's were her forte so asked our Chief instead who showed me two very large weird and wonderful wooden sculptures and a box of nails. The rest as they say is history.

Here is a sneak peek!

All photos courtesy of the wonderful photographer Lucy McNally