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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hong Kong Needs a Primark/Penneys ASAP

What's happening to fast fashion on the streets of Hong Kong.  Unless you want to wander into the hysteria that is Mong Kok Ladies market, the only other option for disposable/fast fashion appears to be H&M.  The problem with this is that H&M isn't necessarily cheap enough to be disposable yet expensive enough to be an investment piece.  Zara definitely fills a gap in the market for those quick key pieces copied straight off the catwalk and there are little quirky shops everywhere you go in Hong Kong, but there is a huge gap in the market that Primark needs to fill.....or a budding entrepreneur who can use the close location to mainland China to cash in on this lucrative opportunity.  Especially with the Summer approaching I'd love to see some fashionable flip flops and bikinis that I don't need to worry about losing on a beach.

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