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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What To Wear To A Wedding A Gentlemans Take

All you gents out there, have a look at www.mrporter.com for some amazing idea's on what to wear to a wedding this year.  It will sort out all the problematic situations that those invites can bring, from city to country and all the spaces in between.  My personal favorite for a city wedding is a light grey three piece suit with a lavender shirt....and you can't forget the matching lavender pocket handkerchief.  It makes you look fun and sharp at the same time....the perfect look to bag yourself a bridesmaid or give your date some thoughts on your future together. Have a look http://www.mrporter.com/whattowear/static/whattowear_Wedding?SelItem=1

Case in point: Maybe give the checks a miss though Mr. Smith...

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