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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vote: The Triumph Inspiration Awards - Heather Lynch

Please click on the following link to vote: VOTE

Heather Lynch's design is my personal favorite featuring a beautiful fringed bra top that would be perfect at Coachella 2013.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Designer Websites

Technology is an integral part of any fashion house, whether it's a presence on Facebook, a blog, a twitter account or simply a flashy website it's important.  Burberry adopted the cloud and were one of the first fashion houses to do so.  I've been learning a lot about web design and how to create websites and make them look pretty and professional.  It's very very difficult and I have a new found admiration for all those people behind the scenes creating unbelievable websites.  What makes this industry so cutting edge is that web designers must constantly be on top of their game and continue to learn every hour, every day, every minute....you get the picture.  Have a look at a few of my personal favorites.

Donna Karan New York
Dominique Sirop
Alma Aguilar
Alexander McQueen

Bouffant Buns

Tina Fey was an unlikely candidate to win the most glamorous female award at this years oscars, but she nailed a classic, sexy and glamorous look with her hairstyle alone.  A look I like to call a "bouffant bun" is classic without being severe, works like a miniature facelift and can be done in literally a minute, I know this last part from experience.  It works great on second day hair, so it's handy for that dreaded second night out in a row!

Tina's hairdresser gave a vague outline of how to achieve this look but I'm going to give you an easier version.  

1- Lightly backcomb the top and side sections of your hair, pull small sections at 45 degree angles from your head and gently pull a comb down starting halfway the length of your hair downwards towards the roots.

2- Once the front section of your hair is backcombed, gently brush it away from your face, be careful not flatten the hair you have backcombed, it should look smooth but full.

3- Pin the front sections in place using bobby pins (look at the shape of Tina's for guidance at this point) leaving it higher at the top and tighter at the sides.

4- loosely scrape the remaining hair into a high ponytail and secure with a strong band.

5- Backcomb the ponytail and lightly smooth it over with a brush.

6- Twist the pony tail loosely and secure with pins

7- Hairspray the hell out of it so it doesn't move when you dance

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carmen Dell'Orefice The 80 Year Old Supermodel

Carmen Dell'Orefice, the world's oldest supermodel was first featured on the cover of Vogue aged 15, and her career since then makes for a sensational read.  She went grey when she was 19 and stopped dying it when she turned 43, a look I can safely say definitely works in her favor.  Personally, I'd like the below picture blown up and put on my bedroom wall, whoever said you can't grow old gracefully certainly never set eyes on Carmen.

Carmen is featured in the below fashion show by sensational Haute Couture designer Guo Pei.  The show is a feast for the eyes. 

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda in Versace displays that exercise really does pay off at 73.  Advocates advised to do the following aerobic workout for approximately 63 years before attempting to get into the sheer Versace dress below.
Jane Fonda in Atelier Versace

Karl on Karl by Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter team came up with the uncanny idea of letting Karl interview himself, check out Karl on Karl.  The classic "What would you bring to a desert Island" question gets turned on it's head.


Karl Lagerfield has reached legendary status in his lifetime.  people dress up as him for halloween, throw Karl Lagerfield parties and are generally obsessed with him, his look, his life, his diet, his clothes, the list goes on.  No one knows what color his eyes are and even the formidable Anna Wintour gets what I like to call "the sunglasses treatment".  And if you can't afford Chanel Haute Couture during the present economic crisis, indulge yourself at www.karl.com where the Jane fitted logo tee or Sachi pleated skirt should satisfy your desires. 

Alexander Wang Opening Party

Alex - as his friends were calling him smiled at me and it made my day.  Here's the pic.  The launch at Harbour City was slick and the new 1,600 square foot store stocks T by Alexander Wang and Object Line as well as his own label.  You can also find his designer wares in Lane Crawford, Joyce and Harvey Nichols.

I never knew what the word "cool" actually meant until the Alexander Wang opening party last night.  Everyone was so comfortable in their outfits and had their own personal style.  Whether it was edgy, punky, quirky, classy or camp it was all perfect and it looked like a stylist had  put together all the looks to form one huge staged fashion show in a party theme.  Here are some of the looks below, try to copy them if you like but keep it original please.  No H&M head to toe, leave the Herve dresses at home and try to look as if you didn't try too hard....even though it took 5 shopping trips, 4 hours and a session with your stylist to pull off that "I just threw this on" look down to a tee.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The best sunglasses of 2012

Karen Walker's Taxi and Alexander Wang's Linda Farrow styles are two sets of sunglasses designed to get you noticed this summer for all the right reasons.

Dr. Dreamy and McSteamy Fashion

When you walk into the Emergency Room of your local hospital I think a lot of ladies are looking to see Dr. Dreamy from Grey's Anatomy, preferably an older version with more experience (in a purely professional way of course).

Unfortunately the Doctor's who pulled the short straw for the red eye shift tend to be the spotty juniors still wearing their corduroy trousers, blue threadbare shirts and ties recycled from their private schoolboy days.  So here's some advice for the doctors in the hope that you'll transform from geeky to steamy and make your patients go weak at the knee's after you carry out the breast inspections.

1. GP's: A suit and a tie go a long way to make a patient think you are professional, clean and that you've paid attention to all those Men's Vogue magazine's lying around the waiting area.  You can't go wrong with Hugo Boss and please...leave the cartoon and superhero ties at home boys.  

2. Surgeons: For those hippie doctors more into herbal cleansing, leave the clogs at home and try sporting a pair of white Tom's instead, not only will you look cool you'll also be donating shoes to charity with every set you buy.  Check it out at www.toms.com

3. Obstetricians and Gynaecologists: Skip the ties and don a cravat or a bow tie courtesy of the fabulous www.tedbaker.com, and roll up your sleeves.....I'd also suggest a pair of RayBan Wayfarers...The less eye contact the better in my opinion.  

4.  For those of you still searching for a speciality copy Karl Lagerfield's style, he's pretty much got all covered...literally.

What I Wish I Bought

Do you ever resist the urge to buy a piece of clothing that you know you will have for life?  And then see celebrities wearing it or something very similar months later....well this is what I wish I bought from Topshop about a year ago.  Big Miss!

What To Wear To A Wedding A Gentlemans Take

All you gents out there, have a look at www.mrporter.com for some amazing idea's on what to wear to a wedding this year.  It will sort out all the problematic situations that those invites can bring, from city to country and all the spaces in between.  My personal favorite for a city wedding is a light grey three piece suit with a lavender shirt....and you can't forget the matching lavender pocket handkerchief.  It makes you look fun and sharp at the same time....the perfect look to bag yourself a bridesmaid or give your date some thoughts on your future together. Have a look http://www.mrporter.com/whattowear/static/whattowear_Wedding?SelItem=1

Case in point: Maybe give the checks a miss though Mr. Smith...

Alexander Wang Store Opening

Alexander Wang is opening his store this evening in Hong Kong.  Super excited and can't wait to see some of his cool urban pieces that are definite investments for those of you who like the Erin Wasson undone look.  Check out this great piece done on her look at http://freetobepunk.blogspot.com/2011/04/style-inspiration-erin-wasson.html

Hong Kong Needs a Primark/Penneys ASAP

What's happening to fast fashion on the streets of Hong Kong.  Unless you want to wander into the hysteria that is Mong Kok Ladies market, the only other option for disposable/fast fashion appears to be H&M.  The problem with this is that H&M isn't necessarily cheap enough to be disposable yet expensive enough to be an investment piece.  Zara definitely fills a gap in the market for those quick key pieces copied straight off the catwalk and there are little quirky shops everywhere you go in Hong Kong, but there is a huge gap in the market that Primark needs to fill.....or a budding entrepreneur who can use the close location to mainland China to cash in on this lucrative opportunity.  Especially with the Summer approaching I'd love to see some fashionable flip flops and bikinis that I don't need to worry about losing on a beach.