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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alexander Wang Opening Party

Alex - as his friends were calling him smiled at me and it made my day.  Here's the pic.  The launch at Harbour City was slick and the new 1,600 square foot store stocks T by Alexander Wang and Object Line as well as his own label.  You can also find his designer wares in Lane Crawford, Joyce and Harvey Nichols.

I never knew what the word "cool" actually meant until the Alexander Wang opening party last night.  Everyone was so comfortable in their outfits and had their own personal style.  Whether it was edgy, punky, quirky, classy or camp it was all perfect and it looked like a stylist had  put together all the looks to form one huge staged fashion show in a party theme.  Here are some of the looks below, try to copy them if you like but keep it original please.  No H&M head to toe, leave the Herve dresses at home and try to look as if you didn't try too hard....even though it took 5 shopping trips, 4 hours and a session with your stylist to pull off that "I just threw this on" look down to a tee.  

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