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Friday, May 18, 2012

Bouffant Buns

Tina Fey was an unlikely candidate to win the most glamorous female award at this years oscars, but she nailed a classic, sexy and glamorous look with her hairstyle alone.  A look I like to call a "bouffant bun" is classic without being severe, works like a miniature facelift and can be done in literally a minute, I know this last part from experience.  It works great on second day hair, so it's handy for that dreaded second night out in a row!

Tina's hairdresser gave a vague outline of how to achieve this look but I'm going to give you an easier version.  

1- Lightly backcomb the top and side sections of your hair, pull small sections at 45 degree angles from your head and gently pull a comb down starting halfway the length of your hair downwards towards the roots.

2- Once the front section of your hair is backcombed, gently brush it away from your face, be careful not flatten the hair you have backcombed, it should look smooth but full.

3- Pin the front sections in place using bobby pins (look at the shape of Tina's for guidance at this point) leaving it higher at the top and tighter at the sides.

4- loosely scrape the remaining hair into a high ponytail and secure with a strong band.

5- Backcomb the ponytail and lightly smooth it over with a brush.

6- Twist the pony tail loosely and secure with pins

7- Hairspray the hell out of it so it doesn't move when you dance

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