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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Animal Lover's Diet

What do Lea Michelle, Natalie Portman, Elijah Wood and Alicia Silverstone all have in common?

They are all vegan.

This term has been written about, blogged about, and is enjoying a cult following.  So I've decided to take on this trend and delve a little deeper. 

It started last week....

Incident 1: I was going about my usual morning routine and cracked open my hardboiled egg.  What I found underneath was a fluorescent yellow boiled egg...my stomach turned and I was put off eggs straight away and haven't touched one since.  To all of you who think double yolks are lucky...think again, personally there is nothing lucky for your body about a genetically modified egg.

Incident 2: I have to walk through a wet market (open food market) every morning and evening to get to work.  The smell of raw meat....the jumping fish being sold still alive....and seeing the same pigs head hanging for a month finally wore me down.  Every time I thought about eating meat my stomach went weird and I opted for something else.

Incident 3: I looked a bit further into it and watched "Meet your Meat" (video below) please be warned it has some very graphic content.  This was the final straw and my chicken satay, beef stir fry and honey ham days are well and truly over.

Following the above 3 incidents it has been surprisingly easy to take on the 30 day vegan challenge.  Yesterday was easy as the thought, taste and smell of anything animal related makes me kind of queasy.    I am also staying away from palm oil (which costs the lives of over 1,000 Orangutans a year).  Have a look at the below video.

I have discovered that palm oil is in everything...it's difficult to find food that it is not in, but I love monkey's so it's worth it.  I could never hurt an animal or butcher it, and therefore I don't think it's fair to eat it.  Try it for a day if you want to challenge yourself, it's way easier than you think.

I plan on looking further into this, vegan high fashion, a celebrity cook book with only vegan recipes.

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