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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jumpsuits and Toddler Territory

I love onesies.  They are my fail safe closet item when I have given up all hope in the typical "I have nothing to wear" situation.

However I think one has to be careful not to look like a grown up wearing a child's romper.  To avoid this situation make sure that the seam connecting the shorts/trousers to the top hits either just around your belly button or below, any higher and your in toddler territory.

Style Note: Unless you are going bob - sledding, Sanka style from Cool Runnings please steer clear of this:

My most loved item of clothing is a black short silk playsuit that I picked up in Oasis years ago for 10 Euros.  Sometimes people don't quite know how to approach them so look for them on the sale rail, it's one investment you wont regret.

Here are some of my favorites courtesy of www.net-a-porter.com www.vogue.com and www.asos.com

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