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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day Festivities

I love giving gifts, it's a selfish thing really that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Women are very easy to buy for and squeal and gush over something as small as a lipgloss from Dior.

Men on the other hand....are a different kettle of fish.  I have trawled through more gift websites then there are days in the week and I always end up with the two following options offered for "The Gentleman in your Life"

1- Sky Dive
2- A signed framed football jersey from Manchester United

If your dad is anything like mine he would respond to the above in the following fashion:

1- "If God wanted me to fly he would have given me wings.  You go, I'll watch."
2- "Man U, Man Who?!"

Here is some advice on Men's Presents...Go Big or Go Home!

1. Head to Tiffany & Co for a Money Clip 

2. Go to Bulgari for Cufflinks

3. Finish off at Louis Vuitton with the Florins wallet

4. Enjoy repositioning yourself as favorite daughter for another year

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