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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fast Fashion to slow down in 2013

We all know the initial cheap thrill of rushing into H&M or Primark and finding a dress that we have literally seen only a few weeks previously on a catwalk.  It doesn't last long though, in fact it probably lasts only 5% as long as the high you got when you purchased that Italian leather handbag that you saved up for and had been coveting for months.

This is the problem with fast fashion and in a way I am quite happy to say that in 2013 it is looking set to slow down.  I have always been drawn to quality items and will happily pay a lot more for something that will last me through many seasons.  

Take for example the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Hillier Hobo
I wanted this for a year before I finally purchased it.  They still produce it every season and the leather is so soft.  Black leather with gold accents is an expensive and elegant looking combination.  I use this bag for casual events and for work as it fits all my documents.  It is a bag that has been loved and used and abused and I still have that thrill from the day I finally got it.

Image courtesy of Marc Jacobs

Moving onto a classic, the Chanel 2.55 is a bag that can be dressed up for the evening, and down for the day is the Chanel 2.55. This bag is an investment but one that you will give to your daughters one day.  In addition it also has enough pockets and secret compartments to keep even Sherlock Holmes happy.  Be warned, your friend, sister, mother and grandmother will all be asking to borrow it.  Say yes, this bag looks better after it has been loved a lot.

 Image courtesy of Chanel

Once you have these you can buy all those fast flash neon pieces from high street shops for "purse friendly" prices.  Because lets face it Coachella only comes around once a year and neon pink kinda looks better on 6 year olds.

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